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Life Shift



Life Shift Session Description

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Step 1 Awakening

Through a guided meditation, Goddess Gloria removes negative energies and entities from your body and energy field. She then communicates with your Angels, to see which spiritual agreements bind you to your path. Breaking those agreements releases your energy, catapulting you towards your higher self. At completion of this session, you will be separated from the illusion that you are this human experience and awakened to your higher self. You will have spiritual tools that keep you protected and in clarity. Most people experience immediate clairvoyance and the ability to astro project after their first session. This is the first of a four session process. You will have homework and assignments that determine when the work is continued. Have at hand a journal, something to write with, and a lit candle.
This session is 90 minutes and can be completed in person, by phone, and by internet.

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